Welcome to another Monday

Monday always seems to come too soon. I really shouldn’t complain-I don’t work Mondays- but they are usually my busiest day off. This is the day I do most of my cleaning, shopping and crafting. Our office potlucks tomorrow so today i’ve got to add cooking to the list. It isn’t anything complex….graham cracker crust berry tart. The plan is to get it out of the way so I can go back to binge watching Supernatural while selecting an UFO( unfinished object to you non crafters) to work on. Currently there are 6…

2 items on my looms

finish spinning a braid(making yarn)

a hat

a pair of socks–toe up 2 at a time

a sweater–haven’t made a sweater in a long time.

Still thinking about the best way to approach this blogging thing. Daily vs weekly? mix topics? crafting only—if i add a bit of structure there’s less chance of it sitting idle for another 6 years lol.  Also there is the learning curve of understanding how this site works and mastering all of it’s tools. Brain drain a 4:30 am is not the business lol…going back to my coffee now.  if anyone is reading this and you have comments or suggestions about time….i welcome your input. I think commenting is turned on….i’ll check. Anyway, whatever you have going on today–have a good day!

yarn in progress