The Wartime Kitchen, Day Six and Scottish Vegetable & Meat Pudding Recipe

A delicious meat and vegetable steamed pudding that would have been popular as a family meal during the war; the meat is padded out with tasty seasonal root vegetables and the suet crust is made from a combination of flour and oatmeal, for a nutty taste and texture. Serve with gravy and steamed seasonal vegetables. I used a very handy packet of Scotty Brand prepared casserole vegetables in my pudding.
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Thanksgiving Thursday but on Friday

Hi there! Hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving regardless if you celebrate or not. If you had to work, i hope you are off now. If holidays aren’t your thing I understand and hope you managed to get through it.ย 

I stopped cooking years ago and have house hopped or stayed home the last 5 or so years. I decided to cook this year and use the pyrex my grandma left when she died earlier this year. ย It was my way of having her here with us and i felt a little better and motivated to try and cook as well as she did(i’ll miss her crab cakes). Below is a pic of my “vintage” table. Way too much food for my son and I but hey–I can always make quiche!ย 

Thanksgiving dinner

Now that this is over and done with….onward to Christmas. I’m a scrooge mcdooge….not into the whole Christmas thing…but my son, oh man he is chomping at the bit to put up the tree and decorate. Me, I’m looking forward to crafting ,catching up on some shows and watching sunrises and sunsets while reading a good book. I’m very boring and low key ๐Ÿ™‚

Next post I should have either finished spinning or processing the Finn Fleece I bought or hopefully made progress on the hat/socks/sweater that i’m currently knitting….but hey i’m on a mini vacation so it is more than ok if I do absolutely nothing.ย 

Turkey Tuesday gobble gobble

Nothing new- few days before turkey day and I have survived the office potluck- dodged carb traps, sugar pits, not so great food and managed to stick to my low carb plan for the day! Yayyyy win for me. The creamed corn was almost my downfall- leftovers still could be. I made my first quiche- even better it was a keto quiche- yesterday and ate it for breakfast so I entered the belly of the beast on a full stomach and took my time eating. Yes- I’ll admit I did enjoy it even though I didn’t get to eat any of what I brought.

I’m happy to say Thanksgiving is at my house again this year. Minimal cooking, minimal bingeing, minimal eating and will succumbing to the placebo carb coma I can just roll over on the sofa and snooze.

Happy almost turkey day- can’t wait for Thursday 5 days of crafting and lounging.

Ok I’m proud of my quiche and tart so here they are.

Welcome to another Monday

Monday always seems to come too soon. I really shouldn’t complain-I don’t work Mondays- but they are usually my busiest day off. This is the day I do most of my cleaning, shopping and crafting. Our office potlucks tomorrow so today i’ve got to add cooking to the list. It isn’t anything complex….graham cracker crust berry tart. The plan is to get it out of the way so I can go back to binge watching Supernatural while selecting an UFO( unfinished object to you non crafters) to work on. Currently there are 6…

2 items on my looms

finish spinning a braid(making yarn)

a hat

a pair of socks–toe up 2 at a time

a sweater–haven’t made a sweater in a long time.

Still thinking about the best way to approach this blogging thing. Daily vs weekly? mix topics? crafting only—if i add a bit of structure there’s less chance of it sitting idle for another 6 years lol.  Also there is the learning curve of understanding how this site works and mastering all of it’s tools. Brain drain a 4:30 am is not the business lol…going back to my coffee now.  if anyone is reading this and you have comments or suggestions about time….i welcome your input. I think commenting is turned on….i’ll check. Anyway, whatever you have going on today–have a good day!

yarn in progress

They have arrived

I am still trying to select a swatch to knit from my three new Barbara Walker books.I have completed a swatch but not from the books. I’m thinking about knitting another sweater and decided to try searching first. Well see how that works out for me.
My first pairs of needles from Signature Arts just arrived and I can’t wait to try them out. They are pretty snazzy looking and I love the cord on the circulars.