Turkey Tuesday gobble gobble

Nothing new- few days before turkey day and I have survived the office potluck- dodged carb traps, sugar pits, not so great food and managed to stick to my low carb plan for the day! Yayyyy win for me. The creamed corn was almost my downfall- leftovers still could be. I made my first quiche- even better it was a keto quiche- yesterday and ate it for breakfast so I entered the belly of the beast on a full stomach and took my time eating. Yes- I’ll admit I did enjoy it even though I didn’t get to eat any of what I brought.

I’m happy to say Thanksgiving is at my house again this year. Minimal cooking, minimal bingeing, minimal eating and will succumbing to the placebo carb coma I can just roll over on the sofa and snooze.

Happy almost turkey day- can’t wait for Thursday 5 days of crafting and lounging.

Ok I’m proud of my quiche and tart so here they are.

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