Thanksgiving Thursday but on Friday

Hi there! Hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving regardless if you celebrate or not. If you had to work, i hope you are off now. If holidays aren’t your thing I understand and hope you managed to get through it. 

I stopped cooking years ago and have house hopped or stayed home the last 5 or so years. I decided to cook this year and use the pyrex my grandma left when she died earlier this year.  It was my way of having her here with us and i felt a little better and motivated to try and cook as well as she did(i’ll miss her crab cakes). Below is a pic of my “vintage” table. Way too much food for my son and I but hey–I can always make quiche! 

Thanksgiving dinner

Now that this is over and done with….onward to Christmas. I’m a scrooge mcdooge….not into the whole Christmas thing…but my son, oh man he is chomping at the bit to put up the tree and decorate. Me, I’m looking forward to crafting ,catching up on some shows and watching sunrises and sunsets while reading a good book. I’m very boring and low key 🙂

Next post I should have either finished spinning or processing the Finn Fleece I bought or hopefully made progress on the hat/socks/sweater that i’m currently knitting….but hey i’m on a mini vacation so it is more than ok if I do absolutely nothing. 

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